AR book title and web link

From:"Morken, Tim"

I assume it is:

Antigen Retrieval Techniques, Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Morphology
Authors: Shi, SR; Gu,J; Taylor, CR.

Biotechniques books'
Eaton Publishing

Available through Amazon.

I echo Gayles critique. We have used it extensivly in the two months we have
had it.

Tim Morken
CDC, Atlanta

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What exactly is the title? Author? The original
post never mentioned...


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I just placed an order for this particular book from
yesterday. I also could not get into the BioTechniques web site.

BarbWright :)
Genentech, Inc.

Carol Ann Bobrowitz wrote:

> Gayle recommended a book pertaining to antigen retrieval.  I've tried to
> locate the web site she mentioned.
> Anyone have any success finding the web site.  Is it
> Carol Ann Bobrowitz
> Physiology and BRI Histology Core Lab
> Department of Physiology
> Medical College of Wisconsin

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