schedule for TP1050

Greetings Histoneters,

	I now have in my lab a demo Lieca TP1050 tissue processor.  This is
the first time in 20 years of histopathology that I have ever used an
automated machine.  I have to say I really like it, but now I have to
figure the thing out.  The first question I have is, does anyone have a
good schedule for small mouse tissue.  We run the full course of tissue and
we put multiple pieces in a cassette.  With my old  TP1010 the tissues were
always somewhat overprocessed, especially the livers and brain.  What sort
of schedules do folks with more experience use for these types of tissue?
Temperature?  Vacuum/Pressure?
	Right now I am using HemoDe (Citrosolve) for the clearing.  The
only reason I am using it is becuase my TP1010 is not vented and people in
my lab would not care for the xylene smell.  With the new machine I plan on
switching back to xylene for a couple of reason.  One reason is to extend
the life of my paraffin.  The other is that I don't think HemoDe performs
very well as a clearing agent period.  I seems to load up with fat very
quickly.  It also stays in the paraffin because of it's low vapor pressure.
Nasty.  The question is am I missing something about HemoDe?
	Any help you folks can give me would be appreciated.

Randy Carpenter
Parker Hughes Institute
Roseville, MN

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