cresyl violet on emulsion dipped slides

Hi, all
Does anyone have experience with cresyl violet acetate staining of post- in
situ hybridization (on fresh frozen sections) slides that have been dipped
in Kodak emulsion?  A long time back, 2 strange things started to happen.
First, I would sometimes get pink spots here and there on random slides
within and/or between racks.  This is a pretty rare event.  Second, I
consistently get this opacity or haze appearing mainly over the tissue.
This is often accompanied by spaces or holes in the emulsion.  This is not
happening on the back side of the slide.  Has anyone else has come across
these phenomena?  I have already tried changing solutions, stocks, lots and
times.  I use xylene substitute and have tried 2 different brands already.
I have considered all light sensitivity aspects.  I have stopped diluting
the emulsion with water and more...

I would really appreciate any suggestions since this haze is essentially
ruining much of my work.  Thanks in advance!


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