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Our exporting company has been dealing with glass and porcelain since 1990
as a private company, acting as commissioner between factories and end client.

Romania has a big potential in this field, as there are more than 50 glass,
ceramic and 24%PbO crystal ware producing factories all over the Romanian

Our experience in this field has proven that the chosen by us factories are the
best producing units in Romania. We export our merchandise all over the world.

In Europe we have strong business relationships with:

* GERMANY - T+G Glass Team;
* GREAT BRITAIN - Brancuzi Glassware, Beer Paradise;
* FRANCE - H. Promotion, Financiere Markarian, Cazimex;
* HOLLAND - Tineke & Ben Brugman;
* ITALY - Torre & Co;
* BELGIUM - Martrading Company LTD.

We also export our articles to Ottawa - CANADA to Overseas Goodies
and the USA to Benedeta Co from Silicon Valley.

Our company is also well-known on the EGYPTIAN market where we have good
business relations with the company Golden House Est.

The articles produced in Romania and exported by our company have enjoyed
great success on the JAPANESE market.

ABTH is specialized in all kinds of glass, porcelain and crystal ware,
starting with normal glass:
- stemware, glasses, and gravy boats with or without ladle,
  jugs, pitchers, beer mugs;

up to fine porcelain:
- household articles, decorative porcelain;

and all sorts of gift items:
- vases, bowls, rose bowls, candy boxes, candleholders,
  friendship balls and hearts, Tiffany type lamps.

The great masterpieces of the Romanian glassworkers,
i.e. the Galle type items, having different shapes:
- vases, bowls, beer mugs, standing or ceiling lamps, jewel boxes;

and decorated with all sorts of paintings are the exported
to connoisseurs all over the world.

The glass articles we sell are:
- mouth blown, hand painted and etched, being enriched with 12% gold,
  with platinum, lusters and organic pigments.

These materials have certificates attesting they are of no harm to people's
health. They are imported from 
- GERMAN companies well-known by the entire world, companies like
  W. C. Heraeus, Degussa-Cerdec and from
- ITALIAN company Colorobia.

Our company can also supply items made of many-colored ceramics and clay
in genuine Romanian folk style.

We are willing to develop the existing business on the already above mentioned
market place areas but, at the same time, our interest is to penetrate some
other markets, i.e.:
- even other EUROPEAN countries.

Correspondence should be in English, French, Italian, Russian or German.

We'd appreciate your feed-back containing some detailed requests
as well as your contact coordinates.

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