Re: ventana nexes - her2neu

From:Michael Rice <>

I have been asking the same questions from Ventana, their reply is that they now have or will have shortly PMA approval from FDA, enabling the Antibody to be used instead of Dako,s, anybody else have info?

>>> "Wilson, Denise" <> 09/19/00 12:33PM >>>

>  I am considering getting the Ventana Nexes for immuno but recently came
> accross some disturbing information. I was told that the her2Neu from
> ventana was not FDA approved, and that a doctor cannot prescribe treatment
> based on this result. Does anyone out there know anything about this?
> Please enlighten me on this subject, and while you are at it, pros and
> cons of the nexes and Dako machines.	
> > Thanks	
> > Denise Wilson	
> > Brookdale Hospital
> > 

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