Re: processing mouse tissues

Dear Michelle;

I would suggest using the H/I MILESTONE U.R.M. This is a xylene free tissue 
processor which incorporates industrial microwave technology. Processing 
requires just 2 steps, consisting of our proprietary J. F. C.  solution and 
paraffin. You can process various types and sizes of tissue simultaneously 
and are insured equally good results on all specimens. 

The U.R.M. is a tested and proven system, which has just been introduced to 
the US market. In addition to providing xylene free operation, it also gives 
the advantage of speed, with a maximum processing time of 2 hours for very 
large specimens. (Process time is determined by the largest sample in the 
batch.) Fastest throughput is 20 minutes. The system is operated via Windows 
based, touch screen programming. It is a walk away system, with factory 
loaded programs and sufficient memory and flexibility to allow the operator 
to write or modify programs according to their preference. The URM also 
provides rapid decalcification (60 cassettes in 10 minutes) and fixation (60 
cassettes in 15 minutes).

Please feel free to call on us with any questions.

Best regards,

Elfi Hacker
HACKER Instruments & Industries Inc
Tel: 1-800-4-HACKER or (973) 226-8450
Fax: (973) 808-8281

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