Re: histology internet resouces

From:Daniel & Linda Botsford <>

Hi Tibor,
Some suggestions to get you started.

Histotech Homepage-
Immunoperoxidase homepage -
Cells Alive-
Special Stain Procedure Manual-
Microanatomy Atlas-
Univ. Conn, Path.Web-
RS Richard-
Lab Histology-
Marine Biological Lab-
Stains File-
Cytology Homepage-
CMLTO (gov't. license agency)-

Gross Anatomy:

Dan Botsford
Windsor Regional Hospital,
Windsor, Onatrio, Canada.

Tibor Ric wrote:

> Hi!
> Does anybody knows if rhodamine dye is carcinogen? I've heard that it is. Is
> it true?
> If You do this staining, please could I get Your recipe?
> And one more thing. Where could I find a good histological resource on the
> Internet?
> Thanks in advance!
> Tibor Ric
> Medical Laboratory Technologist (BMA)
> Sweden, Karlstad

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