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I boil my DI water for 15 minutes (timer is always set) the day before I use it.  I
keep it capped in a 2 Liter flask and have  no problems wtih this at all.  I have at
times (such as coming back from a holiday) had to use DI water straight from the tap
and I invariably get those pesky bubbles.  Boiling does two things... 1) drives off
the gasses that produce the bubbles and 2) sterilizes the water.  I also add 100 mL
95% ETOH to my water bath (1800 mL boiled DI water) and I still have no problem with

Buttigieg Carmen at MOH wrote:

> Histonetters
> I have been working in histopathology for about sixteen years and now a very
> annoying problem has cropped up. We are getting bubbles floating up to the
> sections in the floatation baths. They are not big bubbles that are usually seen
> after we change the distilled water. For those we simply tap on the bath and
> they are easily removed. These are very tiny and cover the underside of the
> whole section.
> Any ideas of how they can be prevented from forming or removed?
> Thanks for your help
> Carmen
> Malta

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