Re: Xylene Substitutes

We use microclear on our tissue processor with no problems, and microclear 
can go down the sink. We still use xylene on our purge cycle, our shandon 
serviceman was doing, regular maintenance on our equipment and highly 
recommend us to use it on the purge to keep our machine in good working 
conditions. We also recycle all of our xylene, and most of our Alc.  We could 
recycler our microclear but we need to buy a different type from the company. 
I really don't smell a bad odor from the microclear at all. We don't use it 
on our stainer, so I don't really know how it would work for that, but I do 
use all recycled Alc. and recycled xylene on the stainer, except for the last 
xylene although I feel it would work.
Hope this helps
Sandi Miller HT

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