Richard-Allan has a wonderful service called Tech-Rite that can help with any 
of your staining protocols involving Richard-Allan Scientific stains or 
reagents.  You should give them a call at 800-522-7270.

Dawn Truscott, HT(ASCP)
Richard-Allan Scientific

In a message dated 09/21/2000 3:09:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Our lab is trying to go with a xylene substitute for both processing and
>  staining.  at the present time we are trying Clear Rite by Richard Allen.
>  The processing appears to be fine but we are having problems with the
>  staining.  Does anyone have a staining protocol using clear rite?  Could 
>  please send the protocol along with the changing reagent cycles that are
>  working for you.  We never had these problems with xylene.
>  We are also wanting to switch to a formalin substitute.  which one is
>  working the best?
>  Does anyone know who makes Bio Clear.  this one was suggested to us.
>  We have a Renaissance processor and a Leica Auto stainer XL.
>  Thanks for any help.
>  Sue

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