Re: Rapid tissue processing machines

From:James Hall <>


As you have seen from other Histonet messages, CellPath is the agent for
the Milestone microwave processor in the UK.  If you would like a copy of
the evaluation report carried out by the Medical Devices Agency on this
processor, their address is:

Orders Department
Room 1207
Medical Devices Agency
Hannibal House
Elephant and Castle

Tel:	020 7972 8181
Fax:	020 7972 8105

This is free to members of the UK health service.  If you have any
questions etc regarding the report then please contact me directly at the:

Medical Devices Agency Evaluation Centre
Department of Histopathology
Royal Free and University College Medical School
University College London
Rockefeller Building
University Street
London WC1E 6JJ

Tel:	020 7679 6042
Fax:	020-7387 3674
Web site: http//

At 17:03 21/09/00 +0100, Dave Evans wrote:
>Dear Histonetters,
>On my travels to various trade shows around the U.K I can vaguely recall
>seeing a new rapid tissue processing machine which incorporates a microwave
>in it's operation. Does anybody know of such a beast or is it a figment of
>my red wine fuelled imagination ??
>Also can anyone recommend a text on MOH's TECHNIQUE?
Jim Hall,
MDA Equipment Evaluator,
Department of Histopathology,
University College London Hospitals,
Rockefeller Building,
University Street,
London, WC1E 6JJ.
Tel:  020 7679 6042
Fax:  020 7387 3674
Web Site:

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