Re: Rapid tissue processing machines

From:Clarke Ian <>

Hi Dave,
               The Milestone URM  microwave tissue processor is supplied by
Cellpath  plc in the UK .There is also a new version for small biopsies
called the Micromed TT . If you look at the Medical Devices Agency site the
Micromed URM was evaluated by them . A report can be obtained free of charge
to National Health Service Laboratories.Two hospitals have been using the
micromed in England for approx. 18 months these are  the Q.E. Hospital
Gateshead and the Law Hospital Carluke Scotland.We are presently evaluating
the URM ourselves. and seem to be getting good results which I will be
posting shortly.
Hope this helps

Ian Clarke
Histopathology/Cytopathology Department
Craigavon Area hospital NHS Trust
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From: Dave Evans <>
Date: 21 September 2000 19:25
Subject: Rapid tissue processing machines

>Dear Histonetters,
>On my travels to various trade shows around the U.K I can vaguely recall
>seeing a new rapid tissue processing machine which incorporates a microwave
>in it's operation. Does anybody know of such a beast or is it a figment of
>my red wine fuelled imagination ??
>Also can anyone recommend a text on MOH's TECHNIQUE?

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