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From:George Spurr <>

    I would be very interested in the answer to your question.
We do histology service work for Researchers, in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Private clinical labs in our province do not do histology. They do blood
chemistry, haematology, and microbiology. It seems our provincial gouverment
sets prices for lab services based on what the private labs bill the medicare
system. Since the private labs don't do clinical histology, the gouvernment has
no figures for histology.

The lab staff in the our hospital have a workload unit system similar to the
numbers you have below (88304 - Level III Surgical etc), but there is no dollar
value associated with them.

If the answers come directly to you and not through the Histonet, would you be
so kind as to forward me a copy.


George Spurr,  RT, RLAT

UBC Department of Anatomy
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"George, Cheryl" wrote:

> Hi out there,
> Can anyone from the U.S. tell me what your fee schedule for clients is based
> upon?  We do histology for several hospitals and surgicenters and are trying
> to re-vamp our prices.  I would just like to know what the current market
> value for the following codes are (technical component only):
> 88304 - Level III Surgical
> 88305 - Level IV Surgical
> 88307 - Level V Surgical
> 88309 - Level VI Surgical
> 88342 - Immunohistochemical stain
> We have had several suggestions from the pathologists (ie, a percentage of
> the Medicare fee schedule, etc) and I could sure use some input.  Please
> feel free to write to me without posting on the net.
> Thanks
> Cheryl George, HT (ASCP)
> Anatomic Pathology Supervisor
> (603)663-2686

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