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Lately I see alot of requests for info about Mohs-it's safe to assume it is
histo related and not surgical?  OK.  No that is not a stupid ?-many
surgical physicians try to do Mohs but there are a percentage (physicians)
who are properly trained.  I work for one and have learned an immense amount
about the field in just 2.5 yrs.  I have access to a number of texts on the
surgical Mohs technique.  To my knowledge there are no texts describing the
histologic aspects-only articles.  Lots of articles.  Those of us on the
Mohs field need a text and I think the only way to get one is to write it
ourselves-with the help of our employers.  If anyone is game please e-mail
me.  It would have to be a joint effort.  The national association for Mohs
histotech's is having their annual meeting coming up in early Nov.  This is
a fledgling group-only 6 yrs old this year.  Any one doing Mohs histology
should try and join this group and attend the mtg.  We are in need of new
membership and involvement.  Since it is such a small group and scattered
all over the USA organized communication is key.  To my knowledge we have no
website.  I think this would be a great medium for new members to talk to
one another and for the association to grow and disseminate accurate info
re: the histologic aspect of Mohs.
At this yrs mtg I am going to suggest the group start a website-I would love
to be a part of this.  Anyone else interested who does  Mohs histo or would
like to learn more about Mohs histo?? Please e-mail me.  I will suggest a
website be developed at this coming meeting.  We would need a sponsor and
some expertise to use the language to make it.  I have some info and a
spouse who has done one web page for a local hiking group-any takers out
there-come forward.  I'd do this with help-ppleeaassee-do not be shy-we have
the pewrfect ( sorry I have 3 cats)opportunity to influence the shape of a
new subspeciality of histologic technique.  Think about it.  OK. I'll get
off the Mohs soapbox now.  Give me an M.....give me an O....give me an
H....give me an S.....what's that spell?  (OK Sue it is time to get off the
internet and go to church-it's Sunday you know-she gets carried

(These opinions are my own and do not reflect on my employer-althoiugh I
think he would probably agree with me!!)

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