Re: Dako: DAB or DAB+ ?

From:Marcia Bentz <>

I've tried both and was disappointed with the DAB +. Staining was not
recognizably any better so I went back to the DAB from Vector Labs which
I've used for the last 4 years.


At 10:42 AM 09/21/2000 +0100, wrote:
>Hello Histonetters,
>is there anybody who could recommend me either the DAB or the DAB + (double
>price ...) from Dako ? I was told  that the DAB+ is stronger, but is it
>really necessary for normal IHC ?
>Any ideas ?
>Thank you Histoland.
>Antje Marcantonio
>Novartis Pharma AG
>Transplantation Research
>Basel, Switzerland
Marcia Bentz
Lab Specialist Sr
University of Virginia

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