From:Jill Songer <>

We have our DAB removed from lab by our University Environmental Health and 
Safety Dept, but I recall reading about using potassium permanganate to 
treat. Sorry I can't recall the percent solution, but maybe this will jog 
someone's memory.

At 11:12 AM 9/27/2000 -0400, Decarli, Terri wrote:
>How do you dispose of the chromogen DAB?  Is there a treatment that can be
>used and then dispose of down the drain.  I read that treating it with
>bleach is not the answer because the reaction products remain mutagenic.  We
>are not automated, we are doing IHC manually using the Shandon coverplates.
>Thank you in advance.

Jill Songer HT (ASCP)
Anatomic Pathology Lab Supervisor
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Virginia Tech
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