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Hi Cheryl,

There a few to choose from. The rhodanine stain is quite nice (esp 
in publication prints) but it is an overnight stain. More often lately, I 
have been using Timm's Copper Stain. 

I am no expert, but I am told that there are two forms of Cu stored in 
cells, cuprous and cupric, one form in the nuclei (I forget which) and 
the other in the cytoplasm. And it has been suggested that the 
rhodanine stain only stains the cytoplasmic form (probably sufficient 
information for diagnostic purposes), whereas Timm's Cu stain, 
stains both forms (nuclear and cytoplasmic), more critical in copper 
related research.

A third is Rubeanic Acid Method for copper, which I know nothing 
about, but found  the method in "Carleton's Histological Technique".

The Rhodanine method is in the AFIP "Methods in Histotechnology".

The Timm's method for copper is in an older text, (1970) 
"Diagnostic Histochemistry" , by Zugibe and Mosby.

If you need a copy of any of these faxed, let me know. 

Cheers! Greg

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<color><param>7F00,0000,0000</param>> Hi out there,


> Does anyone know of a reliable copper stain for formalin fixed paraffin

> embedded tissue?


> Thanks



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