Re: Chromic Acid

From:Shawn Salesky <>


I feel the need to reply to Miranda's admission that her lab is pouring
acid and silver solutions down the drain.

> Hi.  We use 5% chromic acid. We just dump it down the
> sink.  However, we are also able to dump formalin,
> silver soln's and such down the sink as well.
> Miranda DeMaso
> South Bend IN

1.  Please realize that anything you pour down the drain finds it's way
eventually into your drinking water.  This being the case, do you really
want to drink that GMS you just finished doing?

2.  I believe it is against U.S. Federal Law to improperly dispose of
silver solutions.  True state laws in all cases will supersede federal
law, however, I highly doubt that the state of Indiana has taken the
time to pass legislature allowing you to pollute the eco system.

3.  OSHA is within the range of it's power to levy a fine of $8,000 per
instance of violation.  Which means $8,000 times the number of GMS
procedure's on record.  I am not sure but I believe that this fine may
be levied upon the individual at fault as well as the institution.

People, please be careful with what you put into print in this forum.

--- "Carson, Karla" <> wrote:
> Any of you out there that are still using chromic
> acid, what are your
> disposal practices?
> Karla Carson HT/HTL (ASCP)
> Regional Pathology Supervisor
> Mercy Health Care Sacramento
> 916-453-4494


The best course of action for you would be to speak to the person in
your facility who is handling the disposal procedures for your radiology
department, as they will be most familiar with your local laws.



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