Re: Bubbles in the waterbath

From:Victoria Baker <>

<P> <BR>At NYU I used to trim the end off of a plastic tube (from a Histofreeze can usually) and gently tap the air bubble from underneath the section.  Also Prior to cutting a section I give a good whack on the side of the waterbath and all the bubbles would float to the top.  A wipe with a Kimmie and off I went.  Some also say that adding 95% alcohol to the bath helps, not only with wrinkles but with bubbles as well.  <P>No matter how "sophisticated" this field may become, we will still have to deal with "tiny bubbles" in the water bath and then some! <P>Vikki Baker <P>American Health Foundation <P>Valhala, New York <P>  </P><p><br><hr size=1><b>Do You Yahoo!?</b><br> <a href="">Yahoo! Photos</a> - 35mm Quality Prints, Now Get 15 Free!
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