Re: Brain sections


Hedley Glencrsoss' suggestion of using a microbiology loop is new 
to me.
To get rid of bubbles (not creases), our practice is to hold the end 
of a rolled up or "curl" of paraffin wax (e.g. a trimming section that 
has rolled up), submerge it in the floating out bath, bring it to the 
suface to rlease the inevitable bubble that will have emerged from 
the "roll", then re-submerge and bring it up, end od,  under the 
bubble in your floating section.  Gently pull the roll down and (after 
twenty-years pracrice) the bubble will come away with it.
Try it - you may be more dextrous than me and do it first time 
every time.
Russ Allison, 
Dental School

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