Re: Bovine PI3

From:Connie McManus <>

Greg Dobbin wrote:

> Hello Histonet and VIR,
> (Sorry for the duplication if some of you are on both lists!)
> Is anyone out there in veterinary diagnostics doing IHC for PI3?
> If no, why not?

No, we aren't but I really wish we would.   I have a boss who is... bless
his heart... 75 yrs old (he makes the Energizer Bunny look lazy)... and
has not incorporated IHC in our labs here.  I don't know why other than he
sees no reason to use it.  The only IHC I do is from a researcher on
campus who is working with hepatitis B.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can enlighten my venerable boss  to
get on the IHC bandwagon???  *vbg*

> BRSV is also a paramyxovirus and it is routinely tested for, so I
> can't see why I shouldn't try to develop a test for PI3. Any thoughts?

Go for it.  Keep us posted on the outcome.. I'm very interested!!

Connie McManus
Veterinary Diagnostics Lab
Utah State University
Logan, UT

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