Re: Anttibody Sources

From:John Bliss <>

Dear Luis:

Zymed offers monoclonal anti-CEA (clone: Col-1) which is specific for CEA
(CD66e). Zymed also has monoclonal and polyclonal CEA 'screening' antibodies
that, like most CEA antibodies, crossreact with NCA (CD66c). Zymed also has
a unique monoclonal cocktail (clones: 1.22/4.14) for LCA (CD45), and the 1A4
clone for alpha smooth muscle actin.


John Bliss


Luis Chiriboga wrote:

> Hi all
> Being a research "nut", the obvious sometimes escapes me.  And, since i
> do not have a lot of catalogs for common antibodies, can anybody give me
> the best; company, catalog number, price and antibody info for   the
> following
> HepPar1
> Albumin
> Polyclonal CEA
> monoclonal CEA
> Alpha Smooth muscle actin
> Cd 68
> Thanks to anyone still out there in histoland
> --
> Luis Chiriboga Ph.D HT(ASCP)QIHC
> Department of Pathology 4W27
> Bellevue Hospital
> NYU School of Medicine
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