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Wendy and all,
I used the microwave for biopsy processing extensively at my job in Texas.
It works very well.  From the time the biopsy arrived in the grossing room,
to the time the slide arrived on the pathologist's desk was 1 1/2-2 hors.
We allowed 30 minutes of fixation time for biopsies received fresh, which
happened only rarely in our facility.  This time is NOT included in the
above estimate.
Donna Willis at Harris Methodist in Fort Worth, Texas is a great contact for
this question.  She is the manager there, and was my supervisor until I
moved to South Carolina in June.  She and Jan Minshew developed the protocol
now being distributed by TBS, and both of these great ladies are on the
histonet, and will probably contact you.
I will be glad to answer specific questions you have.  The method works
well, takes much less time (15 minutes for processing), and is easy to do .
Good luck with it!
Wanda Shotsberger HT (ASCP)
Charleston, SC

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Has anyone tried the microwave processing for biopsie tissue? If so what
procedures did you use. Length of time for final product to be put out. What
was the power of the micrwave? My Pathologistsmwould like to try this as
as possible. So please can someone help.


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