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I do understand this.  I do have an additional question regarding the
collection.  Do you who already have the program going, recover each stain
separately?  If you combine them, how do you supply the MSDS?  Thanks once

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On pp. 223 to 226 of "Hazardous Materials in the Histopathology Laboratory"
(3rd ed., 1995, Anatech, Battle Creek, MI), J.D. Dapson and R.W. Dapson give
a list of histologic dyes and suggestions for their disposal.  

My "Merck Index" (11th ed., 1989, Merck & Co., Rahway, NJ) says eosin Y is
approved for use in cosmetics (p. 3561) and that fast green FCF (a.k.a. food
green #3) is approved for use as a food coloring (p. 3886).

On the other hand, Dapson and Dapson note that clorazole black E is a known
In short, some dyes can go down the drain, some can't, and we have to know
which is which. 
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OK, Just got out of one more meeting with our new Safety Officer.  They are 
suggesting that we retrieve ALL stains and have them hauled off.  Their rule

of thumb is that if it stains the sink, it can't go down the drain.  Is 
anyone else capturing everything?  Do you have anything written that you 
could send me?  If you have an attachment you could send, guess you have to 
do that directly.  Thanks in advance. 

Karla Carson HT/HTL (ASCP) 
Regional Pathology Supervisor 
Mercy Health Care Sacramento 
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