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Hi Lorrane,
Not sure if this helps, but the following are some replies I received 
regarding rat macrophages markers (a couple years ago now).
Cheers! Greg

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10-20 micrograms/ml sounds a little high to me, we seldom go 
above 5 and
with HIER our range is usually 0.1- 2.0 micrograms/ml.
Am not familiar with the antibody you use.

We use mouse anti-rat monocyte/macrophage clone ED-1 from 
cat#MCA341. For formaldehyde fixed paraffin sections of rat lung, 
we use
HIER in 0.01M citrate buffer pH6.0 for 10 min.@ 96C. ED-1 is 
1:250 in 1% v/v normal swine serum in 0.05M TBS pH7.6, 
incubation is 1hr
@RT, detection is with biotinylated rabbit anti-mouse( absorbed 
rat) (Dako code E0464, diluted 1:300 in 1%v/v NSS/TBS, 
1hr@RT), followed
by Streptavidin/Pox(Dako code P0397, diluted 1:600 in NSS/TBS, 
Chromogen is AEC, if you use DAB you may find that the primary 
can be
further diluted to 1:500 and if you use intensified DAB then 1:1000! 


>From: 	Dave Tacha[]
>Sent: 	October 1, 1998 8:13 PM
>Subject: 	Rat Macrophage - Staining Problems
>We been using a "mouse anti-rat macrophage" from Pharmagen.  
>incubated the rat tissue (lung) for 1 hour at 10 and 20 micrograms 
>ml.  I also pretreated the tissue with and without antigen retrieval.  I
>used Pharmagen's goat anti-mouse with minimal cross-reactivity 
to rat.
>However, we are not getting any staining.
>Could someone help me with a procedure, or technical hint; or 
>perhaps another rat macrophage antibody that works in formalin-
>paraffin embedded tissues?
>My main concern is that the secondary antibody may not 
recognize the
>primary antibody.
>Has anyone ever heard of MOMA?
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   Dear karen,
     I have used ED1 and ED2 to stain macrophages in rat 
     lymph node and liver...). If you want to stain Kupffer cells in
     ED2 will stain very well. I didn't try ED1 in liver but I assume it
     works as well as ED2. In general, ED1 expression increses with 
     activation and ED2 expressed by mature resident 
     I purchased both antibodies from Biosource(800-242-0607) in 
     form. It works very well.
     I hope this information helps!
     Lina Li

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Subject: ED1 antibody
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Hi histonetters
Does anybody know of an antibody to ED1--it staines a 
cytoplasmic antigen
the majority of mononuclear phagocytes including monocytes .  
There is 
antibody KU-1 that recognizes a cytoplasmic antigen on tissue
I thought perhaps either of these might stain Kupfer cells in rat liver.
Thanks to you all in advance.
Karen WIghtman
Eli LIlly & Co
Greenfield, IN 46140
ph 317-277-4136
FAX 317-277-4954
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            The  anti-lysozyme  antibody  from  Dako works   on  rat 
macrophages.............also  their  anti-alpha-1-
antitrypsin.................but not  
so  terms  of the  numbers  of  positive 
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in is your best bet
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Contact SeroTek, they have an excellent selection of rat 
subsets, ED1, ED2, ED3.  

Gayle Callis

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