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    In regards to the job opportunity at Shriners Hospital in Tampa, I would
not have any misgivings about working for the Shriners.
    I currently work for Shriners Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.  They are
great people to have as your employer.  I don't know what the Tampa unit is
like, but working here in Cincinnati  has been great.  I do the histology
for the whole research floor and work with several different researchers.
Yes, at times it gets a little down, but then our patients are all burn
victims (just four of the units are burn, the other 19 are orthopedic
units).  The organization as a whole is a great place. There are many
benefits to working for the Shriners Hospitals for Children, both personal
and work wise.  Our health and dental benefits are very good; vacation/sick
time is also just as good as the medical coverage.  Please, if you are
thinking about it, go for it!!  There are so many kids who need your help
and knowledge, and when you see them smile and laugh because of something
you've done-- no matter how small or big it is-- you'll be glad you took the
   Gail Macke,HTL ---Cincinnati Unit 

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> Subject:	Job Opportunity in Shriners Hospital for Children in Tampa,
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> Center for Research in Skeletal Development and Pediatric Orthopaedics at
> the Shriners Hospital in Tampa is in need of an experienced Bone
> Biologist/Histologist with experience in working with plastic embedded
> bone
> sections for histomorphometry.  The candidate will work as a research
> associate or scientist (depending on his/her experience and ability to
> work
> independently) on a funded research project.  The position involves
> working
> wih an experimental model of ischemic necrosis of femoral head to
> quantitatively assess bone resorption and formation.  The salary ranges
> from
> $25,000 to $35,000, depending on the experience and qualifications.
> Benefits (medical, dental, life insurance, paid time off, etc) are
> included.
> The position is available now.  If you are interested please send
> resume/CV
> to:
> Human Resources
> Shriners Hospital for Children
> 12502 North Pine Drive
> Tampa, Fl 33612
> Fax:  813-975-7129
> e-mail:

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