RE: Fisher LX 120 tissue processor Do you like it??

From:Hofecker Jennifer <>

Hi Jamie,
I do not currently have an LX120 but I worked with one for 2 years from
1994-1996ish.  The machine that I used had numerous problems.  According to
the manufacturer of the machine, most of them stemmed from the fact that I
used a xylene substitute for the cleaning cycles and it didn't do the job.
The Fisher service people were in my lab at least every month.  There were
also other problems, such as I needed the motherboard replaced twice!  I
found the machine worked well as far as processing tissues.  When it was
operable, that is.  I look forward to seeing what others have to say.  

Jennifer Hofecker, HT (ASCP)
University of Rochester

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> Subject: 	Fisher LX 120 tissue processor Do you like it??
> Hi All,
>           I've been asked to get the histonets feelings on this Fisher LX
> 120 tissue processor. How people like it or dislike it (problems, issues
> etc....) so if you have one could you please respond to this and give me
> your opinion on this piece of equipment.
> Thanks in advance...
> Jamie Erickson
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