Nerve Growth Factor Receptor

From:"Philopena, Jennifer" <>

This past NSH conference was my very first.  I learned so so much, enjoyed
all of the workshops that I attended, and it was great to finally match so
many names with faces.   And the freebies at the vendor show weren't bad
either.  I was very surprised, however, that there were so few posters.  But
thank you all for making it so worth the trip.

Back to work...

Have any of you labeled Nerve Growth Factor Receptor p75?  I'm using a
polyclonal from Chemicon, and I've tried proteinase and HIER pre-treatments
in FFPR tissue.  Thanks for any tips.   Jen

Jennifer M. Philopena
Scientist 1
Canji, Inc.
3525 John Hopkins Court
San Diego, CA 92121

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