From:"Alton D. Floyd" <al.floyd@juno.com>

Hello Jurgen,
It was good to see you in Milwaukee.  I trust your trip home was

The address you need to get to HistoNet is:


All you need to do is send an e-mail to that address, and put the word
subscribe in the subject line of the message.  You don't have to put
anything in the rest of the message.  Their system will simply return a
message to your e-mail, saying you are signed on, and you will start
getting lots of e-mail.  I get anywhere from 50 to 75 messages a day from
histonet.  If you are out of the office for several days, you may want to
sign off HistoNet, so there aren't too many messages piling up.  To un
subscribe, sinply send a message to the above address with the word
Unsubscribe in the subject line.

Look forward to the next chance to get together with you.  Best wishes to
you and Quartett.

Al Floyd
23126 South Shore Drive
Edwardsburg, MI 49112
(616) 699-7182 phone & fax

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