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I have just discoveedr the histonet  group, but can't find any subscription
or mail-to details, so I thought I would mail you directly.

The branching artefact you describe, you also suggest does not wash out in
water/buffer etc. Not quite what one might expect if this was
chemical/crystalline in nature.

Some years ago I had very nice branching haematoxylin positive artefact all
over all my slides. I eventually realised it was fungi, that had been
imprinted on the el cheapo Chinese (standard routine issue) slides from the
interleaving rice paper. Still there despite normally appropriate cleaning.

It does seem plausible, that there may be a growth occuring from the
prolonged (and by the sound of it rather grotty) tap water washing, hot at
that. Whether the contaminant arose from the water, or potentially from the
LiCO3 stock (fungi love alkali yes?), the tap water sounds like nutrient

A fresh batch of LICO3 would be an easy and quick check. Have also seen
TRIS buffer stock for immuno contaminated with yeast.

No telling how long the LiCO3 has been around by the sound of the absent
normal lab person.

Just a possible explanation


Chris Brown

ps if this sounds relevant, or even of some amusement value, perhaps you
could forward it to the group

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