Calcium staining in brain sections

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I am looking for calcium staining that can pick up
calcium in the brain. If anyone has experinence in
this are could you please send me protocols

I have found several methods in Thompson 1966
"Selected histochem and histopath methods". However I
am not sure if they have been used in the brain, to
see low quantities of calcium in the brain regions.

These methods include:
Von Kossa (modified Mallory)
Alizarin Red (McGee Russell)
Murexin (Kaufman and Adams)
Napthochrome Green B stain (Denz, modified by Pearse)

I much appreciate any help or advice in this matter,


Ian Murray

Dr I.V.J Murray, Postdoctoral Fellow
Centre for Neurodegenerative Disease Research,
3rd Floor Maloney, University of Pennsylvania 
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