Ann Preece's book

Jerry Duncan writes:

>>I am looking for an old histology text by, who, I believe was authored by 
an  individual named Ann Preece. If you know where I might be able to 
purchase this text please reply via the Histonet.<<

Ann Preece HT (ASCP) at Scripps La Jolla, A Manual for Histologic 
Technicians, 3rd ed. 1972. Little, Brown Boston. ISBN 0-316-71765. Earlier 
editions 1959, 1965.

Ann Preece's book is something of a rarity. I was fortunate to find a copy of 
it in the ruins of a long defunct histology laboratory in rural Arkansas 
about ten years ago.

It was the book techs studied to pass the registry in the 60's, like Lee 
Luna's AFIP manual in the 70's, Sheehan and Hrapchak in the '80's, and of 
course Freida Carson in the 90's and continuing into the new century. (I have 
ALL of them!) It's still a worthwhile book, easy to read, and invaluable in 
reconstructing and trouble-shooting old techniques still in use in the small 
laboratories I work in.

To get a copy, I'd try the Web-based out of print books services like 

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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