hard tissue histology

From:Cathy Mayton <Cathy@wasatchhisto.com>

This is a quick message since I am leaving for the NSH Convention in
Milwaukee.  The NSH Hard Tissue Committee is currently chaired by Linda
Jenkins.  Her email address is:  jlinda@ces.clemson.edu   

In the 80' & 90's there was a flurry of papers being written in the Journal
of Histotechnology by several "Boneheads".  The 20th Anniversary issue of
the JOH was dedicated to bone and would be a good start for you.

Maybe other Boneheads will respond before I return Monday afternoon from
the Convention.  If you have anymore questions I can return your email next

Good luck!!

GLP Compliant Laboratory

Cathy A. Mayton
Project Director
Wasatch Histo Consultants, Inc.

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