Whole mount Immunos

From:Jill McVee <jm36@st-andrews.ac.uk> (by way of histonet)

Dear Histonetters,
                  I am currently engaged in staining whole mount frog
embryo nervous systems for immuno and although I,ve done the usual
things(diluted AB, blocked for endogenous peroxidase, added things to the
Normal serum block , diluted the DAB) I am still having background
problems. Has any one used the method where you take the sample through
alcohols into solvent, then back again and leave in PBS overnight before
you start staining if you have please reply and A. tell me if this might
help the background problems B.give me advice and /or methods which
will.The last two times I have posted a similar request no one answered so
someone some where this time please please answer!!!!!!        Thank you in
Jill McVee
St. Andrews Uni

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