What's the beef?

From:Gayle Callis <uvsgc@msu.oscs.montana.edu> (by way of histonet)

Histonet is NOT the place to air gritches about companies, DO IT privately!
 Inquiries are fair game, but not in a "let's bash the company, their
services, ect" mode.  If you have a "gritch" about equipment, product, or
company - call them directly and not bore us witless with commentary that
wastes the time of satisfied customers, or even less satisfied customers
who go through the proper channels in dealing with a company.

Companies courteously provide us with equipment demos and other things free
of charge, so cut them some leeway and pick up a phone, taking Histonet out
of the loop. We could ALL improve our services - technical or otherwise-
even in our own labs.

Remember Thumper in the Disney movie, Bambi, "If you can't say something
nice, then don't say nothin' at all!"

There is such a thing as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

Gayle Callis
Veterinary Molecular Biology
Montana State University
Bozeman MT 59717-3610
406 994-4705
406 994-4303

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