Valid Complaints

From:Kimberly Carter <> (by way of histonet)

I do not intend to get in on the discussion of whether complaints about
companies should be aired on the histonet, however I do have a point that I
feel that needs to be stated. The feeling that Gayle Callis wrote about and
Bruce Abaloz commented on about being satisfied by demos and free stuff.  I
feel we should be cautious about getting a good feeling about a company
based on what they will give you for "free". It is important to remember
that these are
for- profit companies that are not "giving" you anything free. The cost of
loaning a demo or giving free stuff will most definitely be past on to the
consumer at some time. So when you are at the vendors areas of a convention
collecting pens and notepads or at a vendor hosted party, do not let the
quality of the freebie help form your opinion of the company. Try to
remember that the consumer will eventually pay the price for all the free
stuff..The companies
have no personalities nor other human attributes. These qualities should be
given to the individuals who work for a company.

Kim Carter
OSU Medical Center


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