Thanks for replies

From:"Barton E. Heath" <> (by way of histonet)

Thanks to all who gave their opinions on Ventanna, Dako, Biogenex
immunostainers. I appreciate your input. If anyone else that didn't
see my original message--I was asking for info on which one does the
best job or who has positive or negative comments. I'm still trying
to go the NSH so I can see them again and talk to people that
currently have one.  So far the bosses won't let go of any profits to
send me and gee I could have free transportation == what more could
they ask for? They could pay room and education-what a deal. Does
anyone else have trouble getting their way paid by employers? I've
been once to a national meeting in 23 years! Thanks again and David
in Ohio-I will get back to you-don't have your e-mail address but
will return your call.

Mary Kay Heath, HT

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