Re: tularemia on Martha's Vineyard (by way of histonet)

Thank you for the information you sent.
Any way I am glad to see you posted this about roadkill , because the student
that was ahead of me in the Histology program couldn't get a tissue and went
and got a road kill animal. You know if someone needed tissue for boards and
planned for the tissue as soon as they get there list, it wouldn't be a
problem. I myself planned right away at local hospitals in two states ( Pa
and Md ) that was very happy to assist me, including Johns Hopkins Hospital
in Md. The person needs to call , write and  visit the hospitals personally
and give them assistance in obtaining their tissue. I had a wonderful
experience visiting 5 different hospitals, to which also lead to job offers.
A student can't expect a hospital to deliver on a silver platter. Hospital's
are so busy, but are always willing to help a student.The student has to go
farther than just mailing or faxing a list to a hospital and expect them to
jump and get the tissue for them. The student needed to offer to go to the
place and label the containers , any thing to make this task easier for the
I in no way mean for this to offend any one, I just wanted to give some
advice to other's obtain there tissues. One other thing remember to write a
thank you note to the hospital's that help you, a thank you goes a long way.
I am just glad Manuel shared the dangers in doing this.
Thank you
Sandi Miller HT

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