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I think there are various levels of collaboration on research projects. I
used to work for a university that provided histology support to anyone on
campus. Researchers contracted for our services and what happened after
that I don't know. Some researchers would approach us from the begginning
specifically stating what their goals were and that they hoped to publish.
I have never had a problem with getting recognition, maybe I was just lucky.


Connie McManus wrote:

> Dianne,
> This is not an ego trip at all, this is just good sense.  I have done
>work for several people outside of my facility who have published papers
>using my work and they have very kindly included me in their papers, BUT,
>they didn't do this freely... I asked them to please acknowledge me in
>their work.  To illustrate why it is important to do this...
> My husband, who does EM work,  used to work at Yerkes Primate Center in
>Atlanta GA.  The Robert Gallo gang from the CDC came to him with a new and
>unusual virus to do SEM on... turned out to be the AIDS virus.  They used
>my husband's work on the cover of Time magazine , Discover Magazine, on
>the news, everywhere.  He was never given any credit for this... it all
>went to CDC and Robert Gallo.
> Don't be afraid to politely tell them to acknowledge you for the work you
>have done in their publications.  I also think it's a good idea to follow
>Tim's advice, make them sign a document to give you the proper credit if
>they use your work.  In fact, I'm going to discuss this with my boss to
>see if we can't make this a policy in my lab.
> Connie M
> Dianne Holmes wrote:
> > when doing special stains for other labs, is there a way to "autograph"
>my slides to prevent researchers from taking credit for  MY work?
>Presentation  photos could be taken without the "autograph" showing but it
>would always be on the original slide.   This probably  sounds like an ego
>trip but I do good work and when I do something above and beyond my job
>description, I  would like at least a greatful acknowledgement.  Does
>anyone else feel this way  and if so how can it be remedied?    DEH
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