Re: dako stainer

From:Amos Brooks <> (by way of histonet)

    The DAKO Autostainer is very easy to use. The cost of testing depends
entirely on what reagents YOU WANT to use. The machine is very reliable too
with good tech support.
    The her2/neu situation is that the DAKO antibody and protocol is FDA
approved and the Ventana is not. That does not mean that one is better than
another. It simply means that one got through the red
tape. As a result the Ventana test cannot be described as FDA approved. The
results are probably the same, but the difference is just the "FDA stamp"
you can use. It's like buying a USDA steak or a steak
that is not USDA. The non USDA steak might even be better but, also it
might not be. Both tests can be used for therapy. Just like the ER and PR,
neither of which is FDA approved for any vendor (that I
know of any way)
    My personal preferance for the two systems is the DAKO. Others can and
do disagree.
Amos Brooks

Michael Rice wrote:

> I would like opinions on the Dako stainer re: ease of use ,cost of
>testing ,reliability, tech support and any other imput. We are currently
>using an ES
> We are also considering the use of Ventanas monoclonal her2/neu, there is
>mixed messages coming from them regarding FDA approval for herceptin
>therapy, can patients be treated based on Ventanas assay?
> Thanks
> Dept of pathology
> Broward General Med. Ctr
> Ft Lauderdale,Fl

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