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If I'm not mistaken (and I could be-I'm Canadian, eh!), although you
have a "CONSTITUTIONAL" right to freedom of expression, I
beleive you can still be sued for slander (or charged with racism, or
spreading and promoting hatred, etc.). Freedom of expression is
not without limits or conditions!
In the spirit of lively discussion,

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> What concerns me even more is that I have heard six different people tell
> me they have been threatened, intimidated,  and lambasted for their
> opinions (which they shared on the histonet) by companies they gave
> unfavorable comments about
> As you said, Money for capital equipment usually requires years of
> begging, bribing, and sometime very "creative" financing.  Knowing what
> the options are and how they compare is required. We don't just go to the
> nearest car dealership when we need a new vehicle. We investigate the
> choices and choose the one that best fits our needs and our wallets.
> Equipment demos are helpful but daily user opinions are far better.
> If companies who monitor the histonet can't understand that the freedom
> of expression is a CONSTITUTIONAL right and that participants of histonet
> exercise this right to express their solicited opinions than maybe they
> should "Unsubscribe".
> My last two cents on this subject.
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