Re: Voice Recognition

From:Richard Pitman <> (by way of histonet)

There are several quite robust voice recognition packages running under MS
Windows, such as Dragon Dictate. These will integrate with other Windows
applications, such as Word.

So if your lab system runs under Windows, one of these packages should
'bolt' on to it. Available as an option in Winpath, by Woolard associates,
and ?? in Telepath 2000, if that still exists.


>>> Vicki Gauch <> 09/13/00 06:47pm >>>
We are currently beginning the search for a new computer system for our AP
department.  I was wondering if anyone out there is using any kind of voice
recognition system and in conjunction with what AP computer system.....
Also, is there such a thing as barcoding of cassettes and , if so, is
anyone doing that yet?  Thank you in advance for any information you can
give me on these topics...

Have a great day  : )

Vicki Gauch
Albany Medical  Center

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