Re: UK Fuel crisis

From:Connie McManus <> (by way of histonet)

Well that sucks big time.  So how are y'all getting around?  Bikes?  H&B?
walking?  [there's you're virtual gas!!  *G*]  Let me know how your little
cocktail works out.   That's a pretty clever idea.   Here's hoping
things get back to normal soon.

Please tell me, what is a CB600F?

Connie McManus

Richard Pitman wrote:

> The petrol (gas) stations have run dry in Britain, due to industrial
>action.  We'd be grateful if you Statesiders could e-mail us a few gallons
>of virtual petrol !
> Failing that, I have plenty of xylol here, also ethanol. Plus a few
>litres of methanol, toluene, acetone, and perhaps even some benzene. What
>are the chances that my CB600F would run on a blend of this stuff ?     ;-)
> Richard

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