Re: PR protocol

From:Amos Brooks <> (by way of histonet)

    PR 636 from DAKO gives nice results. We use a steamer for HIER. DAKO has
concentrated Ab (which looks good @ 1:200 with a 30 min. incubation) and
prediluted Ab which is a little strong so we dilute 1:2 (or 1:1 ... here we
go again) and incubate for the same time.
Amos Brooks

Tom Wells wrote:

> We have been asked to do Progesterone receptors  on selected breast
> carcinomas. Can anyone suggest a good clone and protocol. Thanks for your
> help.
> Tom M. Wells, BSc, ART(CSMLS)
> Supervisor, Immunohistochemistry
> Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver, BC

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