Re: Optimax immunostainer and Signet USA detection system

From:N Kenneison <>

From an Optimax User
We use Vector Elite Mouse and rabbit - seperate detection for mono and
polys but do use Biogenex DAB which we have found to be very stable over
a days work. We also use some of their antibodies but also from Vector
(novacastra) Dako, Serotec, Boehringer, Becton Dickinson.
We also use the Biogenex buffer, pPAPpens and Optiplus slides and 200ul
for each slide.

If you wish for any other information pleas contatc me or post on the

We liked the Optimax so much we got three?!

Nigel RD&E -  

In message <>, writes
>These are actually two separate questions:
>We would be interested to know from those using the Optimax immunostainer in
>open mode- what detection system are you using?
>The second question is regarding the Signet USA (ultrastreptavidin)
>detection system.  We would like to hear from those using this system how it
>compares with LSAB and/or Envision detection.
>Thanks again for your input!
>Chris Sawrenko
>BC Cancer Agency
>Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

N Kenneison

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