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Hi Aidan,
                As you will be aware I have put a few postings on Microwave
processing .We tried the Energy Beam Microwave for processing tissue as we
where looking for a method to quickly process cervix biopsies i.e. one stop
colposcopy clinics, and Breast cores.Unfortunately the Energy Beam
Processor we tried didn't give comparable results to normal  processing.We
are in the process of evaluating the Milestone URM  Microwave Processor
which utilises pressure and vacuum and seems to give better results than the
Energy Beam Microwave Processor.If you are interested I will e-mail you the
results of our trial on both Machines.

Ian clarke
Histopathology/Cytopathology Department
Craigavon Area Hospital NHS Trus
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Date: 07 September 2000 12:42
Subject: Laboratory Microwaves

Hi all,

Has anyone out there used the Energy Beam Science range of
microwaves, specifically for tissue processing (but also for anything
else...)?  I was quite taken with their immuno-targeted version
featured on their website, but any info would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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