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Hi Tom,
                Finally had a chance to respond to some of my email.  Read
your inquiry on the Histonet in regards to the G. Iron Stain procedure.   I
had a customer many years ago have the same problem.  The problem resulted
in the customer obtaining from a tissue that was subjected to B*5 fixative
treatment prior to grossing and further processing in formalin.    I also
had a customer that obtained samples from decalcified tissue.
            I would strongly suggest you make sure there is no
pre-treatments in a primary fixing agent.    Lastly,   once in a great while
the solutions; Potassium Ferrocyanide and HCL might be from the same origin.
You very well might have to solutions that are of the same solution or a
weaker solution.   Might want to just take a last review of the solutions.

Good Luck with your stain


Rudy Gutierrez

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From: Tom T. McNemar <>
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Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2000 5:47 AM
Subject: Iron stain problem

>We have done Gomori's iron stain for many, many years without a problem....
>until now....
>Suddenly and for no apparent reason, it just stopped working.  No nothing.
>Have run a dozen different controls,  changed reagents, made up new
>reagents, changed to high purity water....
>Has this happened to anyone else?  It's such a simple stain.  I would
>appreciate any thoughts you might have.
>Tom Mc Nemar
>Pathology Supervisor
>Licking Memorial Hospital
>Newark, Ohio

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