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Date:          Wed, 13 Sep 2000 11:25:27 -0400
From:          "George, Cheryl" <>
Subject:       Formalin in the O.R.
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I agree with your procedure completely.  We had a similar OH&S
issue in our theatres regarding formaldehyde.  The staff of
theatres soon become convinced about prefilled containers for large
specimens when one dropped on in the theatre.

They are now happy to take the empty container to the theatre and
fill it away in a searate area.

Hi out there,

I could use some help.  Our laboratory is located in a hospital setting from
where we service several other hospital sites.  The hospital safety
committee is trying to remove formalin from the operating room area.
Currently, we supply the OR with prefilled smaller containers but do not for
the larger ones (such as a container for a colon, etc).  For those
specimens, we provide an empty container and a 2.5 gallon carboy of formalin
so that the staff can place the specimen in the container and then fill it
with formalin.  I have always thought that this is safer than prefilling the
large ones mainly because if someone 'plops' a large specimen in a prefilled
one, it may splash.

Can people please reply to me telling me how the situation is handled in
your hospitals?  The first round of meetings about this begins Monday (9/18)
and I would like to have some indication of what others are doing by then.


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