Re: Decloaker

From:Amos Brooks <> (by way of histonet)

    Something to note here, a temperature tape will not tell how long the
temperature remained at that temperature. you could have the temperature
reach 100 degrees for 5 minutes in a 20 minuite cycle and the tape will
still show the temperature has been reached.
Amos Brooks


> Hi Amy,
> My decloaker does not have a temperature guage - but a pressure
>guage....or is that what you meant?  You can get control strips from
>BioCare that shows that you have reached a certain temperature - alot like
>what the autoclave tape was used for.
> I just had a recent CAP inspection and that did not come up.  My patient
>and control is on the same slide - if my control did not work one of the
>things I might suspect is a problem with my retrieval.  I also use a Black
>& Decker vegetable steamer......that too has no temperature guage.
> Interesting question.
> Ann Maruska
> Fairview-University Medical Center
> Mpls. MN 55454

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