Re: Board of registry

From:KALIUCCI <> (by way of histonet)

For years we have been trying to get these changes in place and am glad that
they finally are there.  Times have changed since we all started out in
histology.  This topic has been debated on the histonet many times before,
so I will not go on and on but I personally am in favor of eliminating the
low entry level for the HT.  The current staffing shortage is not limited to
histology, it applies to all areas of the medical community.  Probably
thanks to the HMO's!  Basically we all want good salaries, but most
important, recognition for the work we do.  And upping the standards is the
only way I think it can be accomplished.
Thanks for listening
Kathy Liucci
Mesa, AZ

> There is a current staffing shortage in histology; does it make sense to
> further it by adding these restrictions?  Also, what will the added costs
> to an already over burdened medical system as we have in the US?

> Mary Bryhan
> Petoskey,  Michigan

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